As The Story Goes

Preservation Pursuits Chapter 2

Delilah separated from her sister and thrown into a large zoo inclosure. Who are those other humans? Who was the sky lady? Where is Jackie? Let’s find out.. As The Story Goes.

Preservation Pursuits Chapter 1

Listen as Our Story Teller (Maddy) guides Delilah (Hannah), through the world of Preservation Pursuits

The Clergymen

Set in the early 1900’s the Clergymen takes the listener through a dark epic.  The First season follows our cast as they hunt down the Undertaker, a mysterious force that decimates the populations of towns where it passes through.  As they desperately try to anticipate, intercept, and murder the Undertaker their path takes them to several cities and towns plagued by other creatures. These monsters are drawn from other, less popularized myths and try to adhere closely to their original mythology. Not only does the Clergymen separate itself from other popularized urban fantasy by its cast of mythological creatures, but the unique world-building mirrors the conflict of WW I. Through a series of treaties the world has been divided into two warring factions; The Holy Sovernity of the Imperial Church, and the Eastern Confederation of Irreligious States. Throughout our adventure, the Clergymen, a faction of the Imperial Church, interact with those who are either hostile towards, ignorant of, or could be persuaded to join their faith.

The Immortal Woman Act 1 Scene 1

Time ticks by as the Clergymen wait for Herodias at the Ulm Hauptbahnhof. If the train departs without them the Undertaker will slip past them once more, but with their Lamb removed from the Clergymen, who will take her role? Will they wait and let the Undertaker continue to slaughter rural Europe? Or will they abandon one of their flock to peruse him?

The Immortal Woman: Precursor

An introduction to the first episode of the clergymen. The audio drama contains two acts and a total of 11 scenes. If you enjoy this rough first attempt at the story please continue to stop by. I am proud to say the hard work of everyone on this project only continues to grow exponentially and you won’t be disappointed. Above all else though enjoy yourself, that is after all that we have worked so hard to attain.